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Plans for FA031

I'm (probably) about to start serious work on the next version of FAangband. Things on my list include:
  1. Fix a zillion bugs;
  2. Redo squelch, using my favourite bits of how it's been done elsewhere;
  3. Ditto shop interface;
  4. Implement UnAngband's multiline messages;
  5. Big rework of dragons;
  6. Changes to Morgoth;
  7. Redo terrain with properties instead of a bunch of special cases, as in Sangband and UnAngband;
  8. More cleaning up of mouse controls;
  9. Put proper menus in item selection and spellcasting (not much change to the player);
  10. Update the low level codebase to the latest vanilla version.

If this sounds like a lot, it is. In fact, version 0.3.1 may be just the bugfix, although I'd like to get at least down to number 4. 5-7 will take a lot of thinking and/or code change, so may have to wait. 8 will happen in conjunction with mouse stuff I've been doing for Vanilla, and will be a work in progress for some time. 9 & 10 are a little dependent on what's happening in Vanilla development; I've been putting 9 off in the hope that someone else will do it, but I may end up doing it anyway.

Not on the list is fixing the WinCE port which broke for 030; I may look at that soon, but I have the feeling that the big low-level changes in 030 were the problem, and I'm hesitant to fix something that I may be about to break again.

Any comments appreciated.
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