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OpenGL is cool, and there are good tutorials on the Internet that makes learning it easy.
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Originally Posted by Omnipact View Post
Removing the stats section from the left of the screen is (probably) quite trivial, and there is a sub-window that you can bring up with the same info. The message line is somewhat more insiduous and deep-rooted in its implementation.
Remember to increase the number of subwindows, when you change this.
When I run the borg, I already have less subwindows then I need.

I do like the sdl-version. Having only one window makes it play nicer with buggy and exotic window manager.

I never look at the message line. Just use the log-window.

But if you look at LPs of the game, it looks like there are a lot of people who use no subwindows at all. And very few people ever find suwbwindow specific bugs, so it is probably even uncommon among the forum goers.
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Therem Harth
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/* Resurrected! */

Okay, I'm trying once again to revitalize the SDL interface. But as usual I'm running into problems.

The main problem is sluggishness. Even with shimmer and stuff turned off, rendering is very slow compared to X11 or GTK2.

It looked to me like there were several reasons for this...
1. Truetype fonts are used. Vanilla uses bitmap fonts.
2. The fonts are rendered blended, which is reputedly slow.
3. The fonts are antialiased.
4. Hardware surface is used when available, possibly leading to laggy copies between video and main RAM.

(1) I'm not touching yet, because Truetype fonts seem easier to deal with via SDL_ttf.

(2) I experimented with changing, using solid rendering instead (TTF_RenderGlyph_Solid()). But far from speeding the game up, this slowed it down, by roughly 50% if my eyes are anything to go by - and with max CPU usage when the character is running! I have to say this stumps me completely. OTOH, the solid fonts are much cleaner and more readable than blended ones.

(3) I tried to change, but old versions of SDL_ttf (e.g. the one used by Debian Stable) don't allow this, so I gave up for compatibility reasons.

(4) I changed so that the game uses only software surfaces, but it didn't seem to make any difference.

The only thing that seems to improve rendering speed visibly is disabling shimmer effects, and this doesn't work too well in e.g. swamps where there's a lot of mixed terrain in the field of vision. And that's a workaround anyway, not a real fix.

Are there any other things I should look at re the performance problems?
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Therem Harth
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Bah, forget it. The codebase for the SDL interface is clearly beyond my skills to turn into anything on par with the X11 one.

Future work will focus instead on improving the curses interface. Eventually, if I get good enough with C, I might try writing an interface with OpenGL and GLUT... But don't count on it.
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I think OpenGL is a more preferable option.
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I am in the process of building a Windows OpenGL port, no guarantees though.
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