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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
I want to highlight takkaria's answer, in particular the fact that how much of a given item you find depends on how much of other items you find. You can't change how many items are generated overall by changing the allocation rules, in other words; you can just make a particular item more or less likely than other items to get "chosen" when the game decides to produce an item.

This is part of why, for example, Potions of Speed are more common early on: they have a fairly flat distribution across the entire game, but at the top of the dungeon there are very few items that can get generated, so a relatively higher proportion of them are Potions of Speed.

Thank you for additional details, good example indeed with Potions of Speed!

It seems, it would take long years to learn all this beautiful stuff, but it definitely cost it! I've just started to realise that Angband is actually a roguelike GAME ENGINE. Thats why there are so much different variants! And it comes toward this (advancing it's game engine foundation) path more and more. Really awesome!
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