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Dive Speed

Hey guys...when i started playing, I followed what I found in some old tutorial: Don't go past '1000 without FA, don't go past '1200 (I think) without the 4 main resists, etc. Then I found the forums and started diving. However, I went to the other extreme and took every > I found, regardless of what items I found, etc. I find that, following this method, I end up dying frequently because I'm under equipped (like being REALLY deep without ESP or even basic resists, etc.)

I know that most of the experts here like to dive, but are there certain things that you'll make sure you have before going past a certain point? I've died in several situations where I would have been saved by a simple teleport level scroll that I hadn't found yet or couldn't afford.
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There's no hard-and-fast "don't go below this point without this ability/item/etc." rule. Generally, I dive until I feel like I'm having trouble surviving, then I replay that level once or twice (or switch from powerdiving to level-clearing), then I start diving again. In other words, the deeper I get, the more nervous I get; the better-equipped I am, the less nervous I am. Once I hit a certain ambiguous degree of nervousness, I slow down. This is unfortunately not easy to articulate in a forum post though.

As a general rule, though, if you're having trouble finding fights you can win, then you should consider either stopping your dive, or going all the way to the bottom of the dungeon. Depends on how much you like risky play.
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My basic rule is to dive until I find myself running from more than half of the monsters that I encounter. Then I go cautious for a while. Repeat as needed.
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Ok, that's what I'm trying to do now. I was diving to the point where I was running from everything and just not getting anywhere. I'm on a half-troll warrior now around '1400 looking some escape methods and better weapons.
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