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Pete Mack
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HE Warrior finally ready for the endgame

So there I was, down to my last Wand of TO, with only 2 Rods of TO, both from the black market. I was passing through DL 90, thinking no way can I fight M without more TO, and preferably something better than a Longbow of Power. (It was a choice between this and a very weak Heavy XBow +shots, and at least I had a stack of Holy Might arrows.) Then Boom! Somewhere I picked up a couple more wands of TO.. The situation was no longer desperate. Then there's a Jigsaw vault at DL95. Oh yeah. Those are phenomenal for getting supplies. Score!
Now I have 5 rods of TO, 2 more stacks of holy might arrows...and Belthronding. I also scored the cursed HA BoC I mentioned elsewhere. That's a step up from a low-bonus BoC of *Slay Evil*, my previous intended endgame weapon. Niether of those curses is a big deal vs. Morgoth or Sauron. I also scored another each of Banishment and Mass Banishment, bringing me up to three each. It's probably enough to get by. Already have plenty of !Heal and !*Heal*; two rods and a staff of healing mean I rarely need a potion.

Currently at speed +29, CL 45 HP 1064 after 67K player moves. Ready to go for the end, though there are a *lot* of high level uniques remaining
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Wow. Yeah... I tend towards a MUCH slower style. I am definitely not the best at diving deep and diving fast. That you are there in just 37k is pretty amazing to me.
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Did your HE Warrior make it?
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Pete Mack
Join Date: Apr 2007
Location: Seattle, WA
Posts: 5,029
Donated: $40
Pete Mack is on a distinguished road
Yep. Not many turns after clearing the jigsaw vault, I won. Finding a big HA weapon and Cubragol made short work of Morgoth. (Though I probably could have made shooter work with Belthronding and the 3 stacks of Holy Might arrows in my pack. But I forgot to give it a shot.)
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