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Early game problems

Someone suggested me diving strategy recently, but I have a few problems with that, especially in the early game, so I'm kinda stuck with "traditional" grinding. Perhaps someone could help me with these...

My problems begin practically in every game at about DL 15. Umber hulks hit to confuse me, and do it often, so without rConf, I'm in trouble. Of course, I usually find an item that provides it much later in the game.

At about the same level, wolves begin to appear. And even though I have monster AI off, they seem to behave very intelligently: as soon as I enter the room, one of them runs to block the entrance and all others surround me. If I manage to leave the room, they won't follow me to the corridor. If they are this smart with the AI turned off, I don't want to know what they're like when it's on.

Of course, spiders appear about this level as well. They're fast and have poisoning attacks, so rPois is highly recommended. Again, I typically get that later in the game.

My early game strategy at the moment is as follows:
- harvest potions of Cure Light Wounds on DL 1-9, use them when needed, same thing with scrolls of Phase Door
- as soon as potions of Cure Serious Wounds begin to appear, change to them and get rid of CLW, later on same kind of update from CSW to CCW
- get a ring of Strength as soon as possibly, most likely in the black market

Any suggestions for improvements?
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