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OAngband Modification

Greetings,Everyone.This is my first post,and it is off-topic.
I'm NOT a developer,I admit.I don't know any machine langurages except some HTML,and as a Chinese,there are massive amount of mistakes in grammar and vocabulary in the game and in this post.
In fact I didn't actually won a single game.The best personal record of NetHack is being killed "only" 6 times before ascend in explore mode(the worst is 418 times!)I don't think the players nowadays can stick to those "primitive",plot-less,long and boring rogue-like games,especially in China(and most of them hate interfaces which are not in Chinese).
Okay,okay.Enough said.
It is based on Opinion Angband V1.1.0U.Sometimes it cannot begin new games after modification.If the game frozen after creating a new character,quit and do it again.
It is based on the WinCE port.For other platporms just use the */LIB folder,since the binary is not changed.
Here are the changed features.You may think this is ridiculous,but ridicule is the KEY feature of video games.So...Wish you don't mind.
If you enjoy the original game,DO NOT use this.This modification will make the game easier at the beginning,and harder to win.
UPX'd the binary.(No modification,in fact)
No modification.I think they are hard-coded.And there seems to be too many.
If the same race price adjustments are 85%.
Maia treat everyone the same-all adjustments are 100%(Maia included)
"Shields of beauriokrazy" added to express disagreement about "Gold Shield Project".It will force the player to enter "Turtle" mode.
"Shields of Night and Day" is replaced.
No modification.Who cares?
No modification.It's 24K PURE HARD CODE!!!
Masked some sensitive words such as "H***" and "s***".
To make the game a bit easier,former players can perform "trick-or-treat"-just like TDA(In some ways they are really deseprate adventurers).You can accept and gain no EXP or good items,or reject to kill them.They will offer trade AFTER their attack,so be careful.And the real TDA cannot be killed,so trade or flee.
Changed many Monsters' name and description.
Added town monsters"Kourarpteid Aufeyshall"(Red p) and "The Larpdawge"(Red C) to express disagreement about Qailice Gavenmengte kourarpshinn.(intentially misspelled for safety)
Added "Wizard of Yendor" in memory of NetHack.He is an unique in Dlvl:127,and the symbol remains the same-Violet @.He CAN be permanently killed.(In NetHack,I call him "repllog.exe" because this process hogged up the RAM and if killed it will restart.)
Added three PLA "Symbols" in the town(Red t).They cannot be killed,but they don't attack.
In memory of Final Fantasy(and to make winning a bit harder),the four "fiends"(Yellow,red,blue and green U) are added as quest monster of Dlvl:95-98,that means you must kill The Lich to enter Dlvl:96,and so on.Garland(or Chaos) is not involved,of course.(It seems that the flag "QUESTOR" don't remove the stairs down and players can bypass them.Hard coded maybe?)
"Novice *" monsters are now nice guys and don't attack.No EXP gained by killing them,though.
Masked some sensitive words.
Changed many objects' name and description (some are from POWDER,a very poorly designed RL game).
Changed "Wands of Wonder" to "Wands of Something"(Inspired by "Dudley's Dungeon" comics.)
Changed "*something*" to "something (PRO Version)" to express disagreement about some software makers.
Spellbooks are easier to find,but the price is reduced too.High level spellbooks can be thown to inflict some damage-to make some use of foreign spellbooks.
No modification.It's Yet Another Hard Coded File.
Changed some titles because the word "lord" is abused.
Edited some attrib' parameters.
No modification.History!DUH!i'm hatin' it(TM)!
No modification.It must be hard coded.
Maia can resist light and darkness,see invisible and cannot be priests or paladins(they THEMSELVES are gods) and have a -7 penalty to CHR(isolated from earth) and -3 to DEX(look at their weight...) to balance the benefits.
No modification.Hard coded as well...
Changed owner names.
Make various parameters not end in "0".For an "accurate" feeling.
The purse of Black Market owners are maximized:32767 zorkmids(or credits,gil,spacebucks,whatever.).
Changed the colour of doors to indicate how strong they are(L-green(weakest) to green to yellow to red and L-red)
No modification.Hard coded.What do you expect?
Added some vaults(not SOME,just one.From another game called "Tilelander",original maps zipped in */INFO folder.)
Added a disclaimer in section 1.
Added a surprise(In section 5,Hehe...)
Set some colours(Green for hit,Red for miss etc.)
Removed all WAVs to save storage.(Put a fake "Silent.wav" with no sound because if not so the game will crash)
No modification.But it seems that there's some relation to random name creation on new character screen.A note to the Dev'Team:The name creation system sometimes generates sensitive names(Such as "Bras") and (near-)boss names(such as "Moroth",only one letter from the CEO).
Masked some sensitive words.
Added some "M$IE" speaking.
Replaced the gravestone with...err...something not that unlucky.
Replaced the gravestone in the "#57005" screen with "EXTRA!!!" newspaper.(Just for fun.A perfect place for ads in fact,because that screen is TOO popular...)Note:The time displayed is GMT-1 and I don't know why.
My E-Mail is to have Gmail accont but no access now(Remembered of that f***in' shield,huh?)."One Stamp to rule them all,One Stamp to find them,One Stamp to bring them all and in the Gavenmengte bind them"---Some Kourarpteid Qailise Aufeyshalls.
It's time for some ads.See below.
There is a tool to change some name strings in an EXE directly(It can be executed both on PC and WinCE).However it is in Chinese,because it is designed for translating the English contents in programs,and the lazy Chinese cannot bear langurages other than Chinese.Use this link if interestedlink)
If you are using Windows Mobile 5/6 system with (W)VGA resolution,there is my collection:WinMo Giga Pack (because the RAR weighs 1G),on if interested.ActiveSync is not needed if you can open CABs.
Boycott Tencent for monopoly.Goodbye.
Links here:Pack:
This page is NOT created using Micro$oft FartPage.

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I disagree. There's nothing so insensitive as a bra.
(But really pleased Chinese *banding is coming on strong).
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And, you know, the OP has reminded me how lucky we are that we can merrily type words like 'government' into a forum post without having to intentionally spell them wrong out of fear. For those of us lucky enough to enjoy that privilege, it is truly a great thing.
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Great to see someone active in OAngband modification.

Artifacts are edit files just like any other, and can be modified relatively easily. You might have to change limits.txt though.

As for insensitive names, the Invisible Stalker has a human warrior on the ladder named Moron by the random name generator.
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Rep. To #2

The gavenmengte is too mighty...
I once said "Rice Arp"(you know what it is) and being unable to surf Internet for 2 monthes...
In fact anything too "western" is banned.
To the gavenmengte,Internet=Internal Net.Not International.
I am now working on FAAngband Modification and try to reflect this.
Keep in mind that Qaila is a kingdom of Brain Control,we have to be very careful to say anything.
See the CCTV 19:00 news...It can be concluded in 8 characters:一片大好,什么都好.I recommend you to watch The Onion instead,because you have ALREADY KNOWN it is fake.
By the way,Usenet is blocked as well...
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