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Therem Harth
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Neoband 0.2.0

has been released. Get it from Gitorious here:

Chiefly of note in the version is a really critical bugfix. My blundering spaghetti code had previously allowed bookless casters to cast any spell, even if it wasn't visible in the menu. Well, the code is still spaghetti, but that bug is now fixed; characters can no longer cast above their level, whether or not they have the SP.

Other changes:

- As reported in the earlier Neoband thread, Avatars were using the wrong stat. Fixed.

- Fixed a typo in the Pyromancer code that prevented Phoenix Fire from being cast (or should have prevented it anyway).

- Added a new class, the Sapper.

Sappers are magical explosives experts, with a number of recipes that can be accessed through the 'p' key. Sapper recipes deal out very consistent high damage, but they may literally blow up in your character's face if they fail. Fatigue (i.e. low SP) doesn't prevent using the recipes, but will increase failure rates. Sapper fail rates are based on DEX.

Sappers are also stealthy, quite good with bows, and decent in melee. They are currently the only class with any kind of intrinsic digging bonus.
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Sappers are a blast! (Sorry...)

A couple of observations: It isn't clear to me how to get descriptions of the spells. One odd thing from the game I am playing is that on level 10 with a "little lucky" feeling I found the Metal Cap of Thengel lying on the ground! Don't know if there is a problem with the level feelings or the level feelings are being sarcastic.
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Therem Harth
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Sappers don't get spell descriptions because all their "spells" are just magical bombs. I can add descriptions though. The other bookless classes get descriptions, info, or whatever by pressing shift+(some letter).
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