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Therem Harth
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Neoband 0.4.0

As usual:

Changes are as follows. This version will hopefully be a little less unbalanced.


Assassins, Avatars, and Pyromancers have all had their healing spells replaced (or modified to omit the healing).

Pyromancers now have better high level spells.

Pyromancers are healed (a little) by fire attacks.

Avatars can teleport instead of healing.

DUN_UNUSUAL is back to 200, the greater number of unusual rooms wasn't helping things.


Minor cleaning up of the bookless casting files. Certain checks now run in a more sensible order.

Removal of realm descriptions from bookless source files, since editing those on bookless realm changes was a pain.

Oh, and I finally remembered to change the version number in defines.h.
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