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[OAngband] Some questions

How exactly can I save my macros? I thought it was dump macros but it doesn't seem like it.

How does squelch work?

In the manual it says to not use items to which I don't have the skill to wield. Is he talking about, for example, priests wielding edge weapons?

What do empty bottles and pickable skeletons do?

Since I have only played with no-selling option in shops, care to tell me what items should I focus on to sell?

I am not used in having to switch for picks/shovels. Would you be so kind as to give me a macro on how to quickly use them?
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There should be an option in the macro/keymap menu along the lines of "append macros to a file" which should save your macros and keymaps.

In options "=" you have (s)quelch settings, and you set squelch for objects. It's not as refined as some more current stuff, but Oangband also throws a lot less useless crap at you late-game, so I never really cared beyond squelching bad flavors.

Probably? I don't really know what that refers to. It could also be the rogue preference for light weapons.


Early on, un-id'd potions and scrolls to id them, once you have started diving a bit, switch to positive effect wands, since they're light and you can get a couple hundred for the good ones. 'good' and 'excellent' stuff is good early on as well. 'excellent' stuff will tide you over into mid/lategame, which is where the really good 'excellent' stuff and dungeon books appear.

I've never used picks/shovels. Too much effort for too little gold. Spending time on a level creates monsters.
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Alright! Thanks for the quick reply!
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