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Ah ... death to lack of free action. That puts a better perspective on it ... it wasn't the ghast, it was @'s lack of preparedness. Apparently the whole resistance thing escaped our attention until now! Now we know.
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Well I've not been around this forum too much lately, but Mark and I still play Angband together almost every day.

We read The Hobbit before bedtime. We're both extremely impressed what a tough hobbit Bilbo is. We have dinner conversations about how to get deeper in Angband. We have a safeword and dungeon security protocols. We tell stories about the close call we had with that ancient green dragon. He's writing a book (147 pages so far) about a little boy who has an adventure meeting an ancient multi-hued dragon and many baby multi-hued dragons.

When Mommy shouts, "Bedtime in 10 minutes!" Mark usually replies something like "No problem, 10 minutes in Angband is like 2 hours!" Which is true.

So yeah, Angband is definitely healthy for 6-year olds, at least the ones who like numbers a lot. In fact it's truly awesome.

Best part is, all the addictive-dopamine-cycle-abusive-ad-and-in-app-purchase-supported games are GONE. On my iPad, he now plays only roguelikes and a couple puzzle games. Cardinal Quest is his fave iPad game lately.

Here's his current @:
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Heck I was around that age when I first playing MacMoria. I also played wolfenstein at that age too and I never had a problem. It was fun.
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