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I'm going to chicken out this one

High Elf paladin is doing nicely. Character Level 36, nice gear, for example DMG 395 against others and over 400 against just about anything else, speed +10 and almost all resistances (key word, 'almost')

Got 9-5 on DL40. Turns out to be a smallish vault, detect evil shows:
Great Wyrm of Ice
Great Wyrm of Law
Spider of Gorgoroth
Feagwath (!)

Hit points 386 so,
Mana storm from Feagwath(485) = instant death
Darkness breath from the spider(500) = instant death (no rDark...)
Poison from the spider(800) = no picnic either with single resistance
Any combo = instant death

Only baddie that doesn't frighten me too much is the Ice Wyrm, thanks to cold immunity.
Anyway, with just a single rod of teleport others and too much to live for, I'm out of here. 5 isn't that high anyway.

Besides, already found Alchemist's gloves of power (+2,+3) [0 +20] <+1> from a chest in an orc pit on the same level so I don't have to leave empty handed (no pun intended)
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