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Druid 4.2.2 thoughts

As a new class for me, this was quite interesting. An early x3 sling carried me very nicely to stat gain. The spell pool available is pretty damn good IMHO.

Also got mileage out of the shapeshifts, the 3 in the dungeon book that is, fox ... well ... didn't use much. XD But the ones in dungeon book all have their niches, and lets just say having +2 move boots and +3 from eagle was funny, I even could easily reposition vs Morgoth without resetting with TO.

I didn't see the dmg spell book coming, so when found that I was surprised. Very strong spells, have to say. I even plasma arced vs Morgoth to clear medium danger mobs around him. :P Found some use for all of them, so again, good job.

At first I was a little weirded by the herbal thing, until I figured the 80% sated with the regen boost actually made it worth it. Midgame throwing in the regen and Pukelmode inside a LoS/antisummon nook was quite strong. Eventually when gear was good enough, pukel was overtaken by bear though. A tripleX giving me around 700dmg/rnd in bear mode was pretty nice.

On a side note, vampire pits in mid DLs with restoration available as a spell were sweet free xp/loot. :P

Good job on the new class.
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