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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
You need to spend points on stats--you can't expect to win every ironman game, only those in which you get lucky. And your chances of getting lucky with a weak character are much, much lower.
To clarify, that's "spend *all* points on stats". If you care about money, play something that can kill townfolk, and scum the town for as long as it takes.

IMO escape is the most important thing, so I've been playing ironman priests while I work on ID-via-use. I have no patience, so I buy an extra ?PB1 and 2 ?PB2 and maybe a ?phase or some arrows if I have any extra money, and then I go down.

I don't think ironman is ready without my mods. You cannot squelch things until you id them, and id is in short supply. You'd better keep a text editor open to write down notes on which flavors do what.
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Originally Posted by Fenrir View Post
Salamanders are like miniature Tarrasques. In Ironman.
I meant inventory-destroying-wise.
He hit me for HOW MUCH?????
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