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Originally Posted by Djabanete View Post
What's the command for looking inside your quiver?
I dunno about a shortcut, but I'm pretty sure looking at your equipment and then hitting the pipe key will cycle through to it.
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The changes to free action, rConf etc really make some of the already challenging classes incredibly annoying to play. Especially the ones that have limited item slots. Getting chain-paralyzed 5 times in a row and 1-shot with x1 FA is no fun
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Sting quest fail typo

There's a typo in the Telmora mayor's message when you fail the Sting quest. It will typoingly say, "quiet", when it should really say "quite".
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Originally Posted by chris View Post
What exactly are you trying to acheive with this sort of post? Are you angry about something? Do you have a personal problem with me?

I definitely have a personal problem with you.

A short while back I noticed what looked like a bug in your character dumps. In particular, the stat section was displaying staves of healing as "Cure Wounds". Often you would have two such table entries, but mostly it was just one and since it was listed near destruction I thought it must really be "Healing". Trying to fix a bug, I noticed that the only explanation was that you were modding your version to make _Healing a very low level effect (between 1 and 14 when it should have been 60). No mention was ever made of this in you character dumps. No comment was ever made to my knowledge that you were going to start playing this way.

I don't mind if people mod their versions. But don't you think that elliptic or generic are setting an example for you? They *clearly* state what they are doing. However, they avoid major gameplay design changes (I think). It's not that I think people *must* play this game the way it is designed, but rather that I need to know what you are doing when evaluating the statements you offer, the suggestions you make, the criticisms you make, and the dumps you post. Modding _Healing to L1 would, I'm afraid, mean that I ignore you. And when I learned this is what you were doing, this is what I did.

But since you insist on some sort of naysaying campaign of sabotage, and since your influence here (unjustified imo) appears to matter, I feel compelled to address this. Since these claims ought not to be made lightly, I spent a couple of tedious hours offline looking at character dumps still present in my internet cache and found this one which I would guess to be the one were you first made the mod: (donmai, Yeek Tourist by clouded 3/25/2016 4.0.1)

Ah, so you've been doing this all along, ever since 4.0.1. And things make more sense now.

At around this time, clouded was complaining about devices, healing in particular. I don't remember the particulars, but my take at the time was that here's another player with a scumming tactic lobbying for healing. Perhaps I was short with you? I don't remember. But I also don't remember any sort of argument either, and you usually don't argue anything, but assert, whine and that take snarky snipes when you don't get what you want. Anyway, you probably nagged me for a while, but then stopped. I assumed this meant you were playing the game, perhaps even adjusting your playstyle, perhaps improving it ... just like everybody else. But now I see that you decided to get what you want, be sneaky about the fact, and continue to pass yourself off as someone who is actually playing the game. And plenty of other players here manage to play just fine as far as I can see.

If this was all you did, I wouldn't overly care, and I wouldn't say anything. I don't see what you gain out of doing this sort of thing. Why not just play at home? Or, if you disagree with the game designer, why not create your own variant? I'd prefer the latter, and perhaps many other people would as well. But you know what really gets me? It's the fact that you have duped me for over a year and a half. More than any other player, I have bent over backwards trying to understand your comments and criticisms. I was taken in by the quantity and diversity and speed of your character dumps that happened at about this time and thought that hey, even if this guy rubs me the wrong way, he deserves consideration. Had I known what you were doing, I would have been spared much subsequent grief.

This sort of behavior is, I'm sorry, highly offensive to me. It's the sort of thing that really should have you booted from oook with all of your posts and dumps deleted. But this is pav's place, not mine, and I may be over-reacting. So I'll just ask you to leave. Continuing to post snipes and snarcs will only undermine the spirit of the community of those people who are actually willing to play the game. I will no longer read them.

I will be dropping clouded's contributions from the next version. This is a shame, but I really just want nothing to do with a person of such bad character.
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Mocht--no need to criticise Chris for stopping with his project.
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I read it more as a commemoration than a criticism
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