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Pete Mack
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I play with permadeath now. But there is one kind of save file scumming I highly recommend for learning the ropes. After you can reliably get to dl 40 without dying, make a backup save file at around DL 45. Then when you die, restart from level 45. Keep doing this until you reach around DL 75 (which is functionally equivalent to DL 98.)
As for DL 88 with a CL 50 character: what are you waiting for? Go win already. A lot of those deaths you suffered are from the carelessness that comes from slow play.
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Originally Posted by epatton View Post
Hi, I was just wondering what you guys typically do - resurrect your character after dying, or start fresh every time?

I am playing a level 50 Dwarf preist that has been resurrected about a few hundred times at this point. I'm on L88, not sure if I should dive down and just try for the endgame battle, or hang out waiting for a 9-9 or 8-9 level to try for better artifacts. I'm kind of getting sick of resurrecting all the time, and I wonder if the game is more fun if I tried to play way more carefully and go for a clean run instead. That approach may take a couple years to get back to the level I'm at now, but maybe it's worth it?

What do you guys think?
I "resurrected," if that's what you want to call it, while learning the game, because I wanted to be able to profit from my mistakes without having to take the time to play the game all over again up to that point.

Once I felt I understood the game, I stopped messing around and started playing it straight and have never "resurrected" a character since. If I die, I die. Since that time, I've gotten around 43 wins out of 92 attempts, so I die less often than I thought I would. The major reason for me dying is impatience; I get careless and move too fast.
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