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Originally Posted by luneya View Post
That proposal would work on a game with tiny levels. At present, V is not such a game, nor do I expect it to become one.

I'm fine with the status quo on level feelings. If you don't like having them, you can just turn them off.
Yeah currently in V, I just turn them off. I'm fine with the older style other variants have which is vague enough to be alright. I suspect this wont be a V thing, I just put it here in-case anyone else was interested. For O I'll just leave Vs system in unless the old system is simple to re-implement. However when I build on that for my own variant I don't want to keep a system that I think breaks basic balance & has so little going for it to justify it:

Should players really be able to reliably hunt for Thancs in the 1st 5 dungeon levels? They drop too reliably early, but the drop rates not the only problem there.

Basic rule of loot is for better go deeper, face worse enemies. Why is there a mechanic to stay at the same depth, find better loot, face weaker enemies?

Originally Posted by Thraalbee View Post
As long as we keep getting up to 2-3 vaults and special rooms per level that is going to be hard to implement. I think those are too plentiful, but that is what we see today. You could just ignore vault guardians, but then you would possibly be better of with the current scheme where a high monster value often equals one or more vaults which is important information.
How many do you think would be good? For forced descent (anyone else can repeat levels for more). I actually don't mind level feelings being useless by the stage you have telepathy & the like. I also don't mind it being uninformative, it's a feeling not a detect. Treating it otherwise is what breaks the current system. It should be a minor thing for most characters with some semi-useful stuff for high perception, no book characters.
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