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I guess it comes down to how much variance is allowed and it still be a roguelike.
Just dropping turn-based could allow many/most MMOs to be a Roguelike.

Even top-down view hasn't been a limiter in ages with several offering isometric tile views.

A purist could argue that Nethack, Angband, Moria aren't 'roguelikes' as they add so much that wasn't in Rogue. 'Reductio ad Absurdum'
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Always thought the best/most-interesting world was Zangband/Z+
Overland world was randomly generated, including random towns, dungeons, and surface "camps". All random towns had random quests (usually dungeon clearing or deliver message to another town - maybe others, been years since I played).
Dungeons and camps were denoted with numbers, giving a hint as to how dangerous they were.
Some dungeons were themed (hated the one I had in one game which was mostly hounds).

Tome2 was the one that got me back into 'bands after a few decades off. No random world but the character system was very new to me, so much more variation. Not sure if AnonymousHero is still updating/maintaining it.

These days I play pos/frog/comp the most, just started trying the new pos.
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Portralis has a pretty involved (for a Roguelike or 'Band) quest system with NPCs to talk to, a few branching choices, maps that change based on the quest status.
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I think a RL should not be a topdown tile or ascii dungeon crawler. It just happens rogue was designed on computers with no graphical possibilities.

For me to be called a roguelike:
-Death means dying and the end, start again
-Levels need to be generated, not designed
-The game may not be too easy to finish (actually, the game should be hard to finish, up to impossible) -> dying might happen any moment between the early and the late game.
-Difficulty builds up when you go deeper/further into the game
-Items/equipment (in some way) play an important role
-you have to deal with lots of enemies in various forms

I think a game like City of Brass may count as a 1st-person 3D rogue-like.

I think the term rogue-like should not be confused with the term rogue-variation, or angband variant.
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ADOM: quests that have significant effect on mid and late game, interesting dungeon(ice, fire, underwater)
Omega: can join guild, attend college, become paladin and rob bank, interesting interface
CataclysmDDA: some quest lines one of which ends up establishing a post-apocalyptic settlement, has probably the most numerous terrain features in any RL

However, all above are not actually as interesting as they might look once you play it for a dozen of hours.

For the difference among the poschengs, there are many but here are what I can recall: the new poschengband has unique features but i haven't played much yet, frogcomposband has igor, composband has hexblade.
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  • Demon - You ascend a mysterious tower, fighting, capturing or befriending demons along the way. It necessarily features an advanced AI, because you will have to fight alongside your demon allies. Tile graphics only.
  • Incursion - I only scratched the surface, but the dungeon genaration seems to be similar to UnAngband
I think the only roguelike that fulfils all criteria is ToME 4, but the detailed statistics put me off.
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Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
sil smiths fail the "do you spend most of your time on a non-modal screen slaying monsters...". Most of your time is spent staring vacantly at the smithing menu.
This is me
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