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View all of high score table?

Is it possible to view the full 100 entries of the Angband high score table? I'm using v4.2.0 and I can only see the top 5 plus another page or two of 5. I'd really like to scroll up/down the entire list in-game, or perhaps a script to dump all 100 entries from scores.raw out to a text file?

Looking at function show_scores() in src/ui-score.c the code to do it is all there, but not used?

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Gelina is on a distinguished road
Here is a quick Python script I knocked up that outputs a CSV file, in case anyone else finds it useful:

#!/usr/bin/env python3

# Dump Angband high scores file 'scores/scores.raw' file in CSV format
# Python3 script by Gelina, 26/May/2022

import os
import sys
import struct

  scores = sys.argv[1]
except IndexError:
  print("Usage: " + os.path.basename(__file__) + " <scores.raw>")

# from score.h
# Semi-Portable High Score List Entry (128 bytes)
# null terminated strings, with numbers right justified & space padded
struct_fmt = '8s10s10s10s10s16s8s3s3s4s4s4s4s32s'
struct_len = struct.calcsize(struct_fmt)
struct_unpack = struct.Struct(struct_fmt).unpack_from

# from gamedata/p_race.txt
races = ["Human", "Half-Elf", "Elf", "Hobbit", "Gnome", "Dwarf", "Half-Orc", 
  "Half-Troll", "Dunadan", "High-Elf", "Kobold"]

# from gamedata/class.txt
classes = ["Warrior", "Mage", "Druid", "Priest", "Necromancer", "Paladin", 
  "Rogue", "Ranger", "Blackguard"]

  with open(scores,"rb") as f:
    print("Position,Score,Gold,Turns Taken,Time stamp,\"Player Name\","
      "Player UID,Player Race,Player Class,Player Level,Dungeon Level,"
      "Player Max,Dungeon Max,\"Method of death\",Turns/Player Level")
    start = 1
    while True:
      if not high_score: break
      s = list(struct_unpack(high_score))
      for i in range(len(s)):
        s[i] = s[i].strip(b'\0 ').decode()
      aged = int(s[3])
      when = s[4]
      if (when[0] == '@' and len(when) == 9): 
        when = '-'.join([when[1:5], when[5:7], when[7:9]])
      r = races[int(s[7])]
      c = classes[int(s[8])]
      cdun = int(s[10])
      mlev = int(s[11])
      killed = ' '.join(["Killed by", s[13], 
        "on dungeon level "+str(cdun) if (cdun) else "in the town"])
      print(start, int(s[1]), int(s[2]), aged, when, '"'+s[5]+'"', int(s[6]), 
        r, c, int(s[9]), cdun, mlev, int(s[12]), '"'+killed+'"', 
        round(aged / mlev), sep=',')
      start += 1
except IOError:
     print('Error While Opening the file!')
I've added a Turns per Player Level column to give me an idea of how fast my characters are diving.
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