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Level feelings revisited

Am I right that with the exception of artifacts, level feelings are generated based on the sum total of the values/levels of all the stuff on the floor in the level? And similarly,summing up monster levels? Thus, you could get a great level feeling from an early sword of Gondolin, for example, or from a pile of 119 wands of stun monster, and you have no way to know which it is.

If so, how difficult (and how desirable) would it be to base the level feeling just on the top item or top monster? Granted, this still won't really tell you too much about where you are -- you know about at least one good thing, but there might be five good things about the same value, and one troll chief shows the same as the whole troll pit.

Nonetheless, for me at least, it seems like it would be a more practically usable way to judge whether I want to stick around or not. For now I have been turning level feelings off, because too many times a seemingly good feeling turns out not to be worth the time after all.
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Pete Mack
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Sort of. Except level-appropriate items that are not GREAT have essentially no effect on feeling. Alternatively, on might say a stack of 2 !CON at DL 30 has less effect on feeling than a Mace of *Slay Orc*.
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