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YASD HT/W Ironman

My @ that waffled on what to drop (the branding melee weapon or artifact (x)bows) died to lack of FrAct deep in the dungeon (!) whoops!

And below is a recent game I with HT/Warrior Ironman that probably would have survived if I thought to eat my mushrooms of emergency (was being hasty).

Orion HT Warrior:

Stats: +6 to DEX, +6 to CON, +8 to STR

Bought 1 iron shot of venom (+2, +4),
27 phase doors
2 !CLW
An average rapier (21.6dpr)
4 food rations
A pint of wine
A wooden torch.

After a short stint banging around on DL1 I hit the stairs with 9 !CLW, 30 ?Phase, 40hp and 2AC.

Level 2 doesn’t last long: I gain 4 hp to 44hp and CL4; Nearly die to an e that paralyzes me; kill it and then hit a trap door with 10hp.

DL3: I encounter no monsters or objects and hit another trap door.

DL4: A Kobold shaman takes me to CL5 and my HP soars to 67. CL6 sees me soar another 23hp to 90hp.

I put on sandals [1, +2] {??} and quaff a !sleep and am momentarily paralyzed.
I hit another trap door and float gently to the next level, removing the {??} from my sandals. I find a dagger (+6, +3) {??} bringing my dam to 29.2 as well as picking up 21 (+2, +8) {??} iron shots. I find a room that looks like a fish and take the nearest stairs.

DL6 3-5 level. I just about clear the level and find nothing of note. I then find in a room I had overlooked gauntlets [3, +9] {??} and as expected, they keep me moving when I quaff another !sleep. Also found 3 !Cure Serious Wounds.

DL7 Start out at the mouth of a kobold pit. I’ve been careful to eat only when I’m weak, and it pays off when a potion of salt water causes me to faint from hunger. 8 rations of food left. Inside the cleared Kobold pit is an ?Acquirement which drops me [2, +3] slow descent boots, a whopping +2AC increase over the sandals. A well timed ?DD takes me to

DL12 9-4 feeling. I find a maul of venom (+13, +6) good for 48.6 venomous and 23.6 vs others. I find the animal pit which I take on. It gives me some trouble and a bit of a scare (tarantulas), but also gains me 3 levels (CL14 to CL17)and costs me 3 ?phase doors. I kill some pseudo dragons and Wormtongue and he drops me poorly enchanted gloves of FrAct. I learn the shots are slay evil.

I explore the rest of the level and run into Smagol who drops me a lantern.

DL 13 9-6 and 26 phase doors left. I wander about for a bit before coming upon ants pouring out of a hallway; the 9 feeling. I make very short work of the ant pit and they take me to CL20 and 273hp; but the silver ants corrode my AC to 24. In the pit are two tridents (+6, +5), one with poison brand, so I drop the maul and take the 1 extra damage trident. Also here is a lance (+6, +16) of Westernesse that provides SI and some stats.

DL 14; a rubble field doubles up on new finds of a rod of light and 5 !CCW in the same room as the rubble field. Elsewhere found 17 bolts of wounding (+11, +9) and a low AC shield of resistance.

DL15: At the start of the last level I have 46 AC, 10 CCW, 2 rods of light, 8 charges of _curing, 30 phase doors. Found 22 bolts of Lightning (+4, +5). Still no launcher of any kind.

DL16: Kill the cyan unique yeek who dropps me nothing.

DL17: King of the Kobolds dropps me nothing.

DL18: nothing notable

DL19: 7-1 feeling. Phase away from a elven Druid into the 7 room and die in a few turns from confusion and damage, even though I had two mushrooms of emergency. Woops!
Detailed account of my Ironman win here.
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