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Warrior gets hosed

I like a lot of the new items and changes, but to me the warrior gets hosed late game

Less stat ! doesn't bother me. 3or4 blows with good weap and 7-10hp/d lvl are fine. give ESP and i'll skip most res til ~40-50 (can't find drolems with ESP i think)

I was able to dive much faster because I got much better drops, but I find heal ! (is there a bug, seems to heal more than it should) and rods of TO way too hard to come by late in game. Also i used to save restore shrooms and now can't find any. ! speed are also hard to get. Not prbblem for a spellcaster with the spell available.

2 winners ea had to kill all NPCs before M to get kit ( HE/Rg got deathwreaker from last NPC and Dw/Wr got Cubolg) I just cleaned out black dragon pit on 91 and got both plus tulkus and a couple RoS (not as good as the 12 & 9 already had) . BoS are easier to get also, before it seemed like I either got them before 50 or not at all.

TMJ was never a problem for me once they added auto squelch. I would like to see ego based like in NPP though. I don't need a rod of light or disarming but they were easy to find and dump when i needed a slot.

That was one of the warriors big plusses, fast uber id. now i can't tell if a swrd is even cursed (magical/not cursed but -5-5(only problem 1st 15 lvls)).

Add mass ID as spell, - and _ would also help
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There is no question that warriors are disadvantaged by the huge decrease in consumables dropped. The problem is that, e.g., a warrior would rather pick up a mushroom of terror [if that works when you have rFear] or a potion of fire resistance as opposed to a defender weapon when in the depths. Attacks on TMJ tend to hurt warriors far more than other classes.

I think that the frequency numbers for consumables need to be at least doubled, and maybe tripled, and if DROP_GOOD means none of the wimpy consumables warriors tend to want, then it is important for fewer monsters to be DROP_GOOD.
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