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Sangband magic

I am confused about whether spells become more powerful with repeated usage.
I have read in the manual that this is the case with *some* spells, but I'm not sure which and I'm not sure if all magic works like in The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind and Oblivion, they go up in strength the more you use them.

On another note, how do I make my mana bolt spell(I am mastering Necromancy) into a beam as opposed to a bolt? It was mentioned that it's possible in the manual.

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Mosts spells don't get stronger after casting them multiple times in a row, but for example the poison cloud spell does. When you have enough mana to cast the spell three times, try it out in town. The cloud will get bigger the more times you cast it in a row.

It doesn't work like the other games here. In Sangband your skills determinate how good you are at something (it also depends on stats) so you need to raise your spellcasting in order to increase your spells power. Raising blood dominion on the other hand allows you to reduce your spell fail rate.
Remember that you should run (AKA teleport) away from anything that manages to take your hitpoints down to 2/3 in one round, while you can only scratch it.
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