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Pete Mack
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Movement code changes

Decided to tweak movement code per Eddie's request to allow ranked moves of monsters obstructing the path of others. Will probably get rid of asymmetric LOS too. Other tweak is to fix movement of monsters (including particularly PASS_WALL and KILL_WALL) around permawall vaults.

Q: Should I combine both efforts? This would make Maeglin and Morgoth significantly more dangerous as they would get out of the way of summons by creating more space (a la Cyberdemon)
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Vanilla maintainer
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Nick will become famous soon enoughNick will become famous soon enough
I had planned to improve monster pathfinding generally.

I'd combine movement changes, but maybe keep LOS separate - I think there's still a range of opinions on that
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Pete Mack
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Sorry, wasn't clear. What I meant is should Morgoth kill wall to get out of the way of other strong monsters (but still stay adjacent to the player.) It's a given that ghosts should move in to walls by preference to get out of the way.
It's a rare opportunity to write recursive angband code, so it's fun stuff.

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Hmm. My kneejerk suggestion is that Morgoth should prioritize a) having LOS on the player, but failing that b) making movement decisions that go through walls in preference to going through open space. So if he has two directions he can move in that both take him equally closer to the player, neither of which have LOS on the player, and one of which is through a wall, then he should eat the wall.

Conversely, if he has two movement options, both of which take him equally closer, but one gains LOS while the other doesn't, then he should enter LOS. That would fix the "trick shot" exploit that lets you kill Morgoth without him ever getting a chance to respond to your attacks.
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A "better" ai does not necessarily lead to better gameplay. The ability to hit M without him getting LOS, for example, enables something like the tome sorcerer class to win the game. In Vanilla, there is no such thing, everyone can get 1-hit proof. But if if anyone considers Vanilla combat boring because its just a trade of blows interrupted by healing when necessary, a measure like the suggested movement change to M makes sure that this stays that way.

Instead of shutting down "abusive" gameplay, I think it would be more profitable to build the game around that kind of play. It doesnt matter if M appears to be clever or not - what matters is how many different ways of dealing with him the player has.
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