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Originally Posted by Sideways View Post
This is not normally the case, !sdkv should always work (and !sdk is a standard inscription regularly appended by the Mogaminator).
I just tested and is in fact working fine. (Scratches head) Maybe I got confused because it does not work when dropping inside your home -- but that is intended, or so I guess.

Originally Posted by Sideways View Post
Not entirely sure what you mean here, but I think it's related to the desire to have radically different pickprefs for some specific classes/races (e.g. hydra) that are at least initially the same for all characters of that type even if they don't share the same name?
My bad, the sentence is garbled. What I mean is that Frog loads keymap preference files auomatically filtered by class, race, etc. but not the pick preference files -- it only does so by name. What I currently do is have a simlink and just rename it when the need arises.

Originally Posted by Sideways View Post
Spell info does account for that kind of thing; what those stones do is basically give you Dm for that one realm, so either you are looking for the effect in the wrong place or the stone does nothing extra at all because you already have Dm for all realms anyway, as is very commonly the case on a sorcerer.
The latter. Ok, thanks for the info then.

Originally Posted by Sideways View Post
I'm sneakily curious, though, about how Cult of Personality would play out on a sorcerer. It's admittedly fiddly (always have to figure out if new summons are hostile or friendly or pets) and sorcerers can't really handle very many pets (so you'd have to dismiss stuff regularly which makes it even more fiddly); but sorcerers almost always have high CHR, which ties well into that mut, and a big summon not being hostile sounds like it would be even nicer than normally when your @ is so squishy.
I do not play with pets very much. Even tried a necromancer a couple of times, but just cannot get the hang of it. If I did though, I'd probably choose Aphrodite parentage.
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