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Adventures of Dive deep Hobbit Ranger

The little hobbit that could. All the way to DL51 did the little hobbit crash dive, finding only two lowly artifacts, one which served him very well: Pauragen, dropped by bullroarer I believe, (lightning beam activation is great early on for a weak little hobbit), until FrAct gloves were found, and then the pathetic and miserable Evalgil found lying around DL24 which he reluctantly bore into the depths for it's see invisible, leaving behind a great hammer of acid.

Starting stats for this adventurer were:

6 pts STR
6 pts DEX
4 pts INT
4 pts CON

He had a very smooth and enjoyable start after very nearly dying to Fang and others. Once he survived the early skirmishes and magic missile came on board it was off to the races. Early on during a crash dive he picked up a good ring of the mouse on DL14 which he would wear all the way to DL51 and is still wearing after raiding an X shaped 4 chambered vault. This ring really made it possible. And the way things proceeded on DL51 was very, very fortunate in one sense, because while he did not find any great gear (or even good gear, really), he found stealth items that complimented the ring of the mouse nicely.

Do have a gander at my little hobbit's stealthy adventures trawling too deep for his britches, where tiptoeing around Smaug and others hoping to find some special items but to no avail. He did not despair, though, steadfastly descending deeper. The other gear he did find a lot of were wands of drain life which allowed him to dispatch the dangerous people found at those depths. There were some good scary fights in there, too!

The adventure picks up where our hobbit brazenly decides to read a scroll of deep descent after having crash dived to DL39. On DL44 he finds himself whoah-ly out of depth, but puts trust into his ring of the mouse.

If you'd like to fast forward to his contemplations of Smaug and then, to his own surprise, the vault (I originally had no intentions of poking around the likes of Vargo, but when my stealth reached Legendary status I said, hell, why not give it a try?) click here:
Detailed account of my Ironman win here.
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