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Pete Mack
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Some luck

After a very slow start (no ego weapon or free action til dl 35 or so), things slowly started picking up. A bit of speed from Collanon, and a bit more from Totilla. Then Bard(!), around DL 50, just in time to take down Smaug, and Hithlomir makes a nice upgrade from armor of resistance. Then at DL 51 Himring on the floor, and medium vault "Pigeonhole", and excellent treasure.
In the vault i found (along with a lesser artifact and plenty of ego items)
* =speed +8
* =CON <+6>
* Dwarven armor <+2,+3>
*Agility <+3>

The two god stats make my char 2x more powerful, and all this guarded only by an Ethereal Dragon and Pazuzu, both locked in jails.
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<+8> to speed and <+8> to con... not bad.

I thought I'd try my hand at the Necromancer competition but became very frustrated when I forgot to run away in bat form on a 7-6 level trying to kill grishnakh, glorfimbul and Brodda all at once using nimthanc and nether bolts; ran out of phase doors. Don't have the patience for creeping around, but I definitely see it's potential as a fun class to play.
Detailed account of my Ironman win here.
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