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Anyone interested in XP in monster display?

I've recently gotten interested in Angband again after more than a decade of sticking with other RLs. In my local version, I modified the ui-mon-list.c to display how much experience I'd earn for killing each creature I see. Since I've not internalized the monster list, I find it useful for deciding what to do about the various things I encounter. In principal this information is available in the monster recall anyway, so it doesn't seem like cheating.


You can see 1 monster:
Q 1 rotting quylthulg (3068.18 XP) 3 N 3 W

You are aware of 1 other monster:
H 1 minotaur (asleep) (1909.09 XP) 14 S 10 W

Does anyone else think this is interesting enough to warrant a new user interface option? I could go ahead and make a PR on Github, but I'd rather not spend the time if it's not something other folks want.
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Pete Mack
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Not really. And certainly not before the position, which is much more important--and which barely fits on my layout as it is. Just having a rough idea of native depth gives a pretty good idea of XP.
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Ingwe Ingweron
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Once you've "probed" the monster for complete information, or have a complete monster lore file, you can simply "look" at the monster and have all the details, resistances, susceptibilities, attack methods, and... the experience points a kill is worth. Don't think it needs to be in the subwindow, location is enough, and they are ordered in terms of depth/power in such subwindow.
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To balance out the negativity, I'd probably use this if I played with a visible monster list, but I don't (I press ]).
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@Gwarl: I didn't know about '[' and ']'. Those are quite nice! The experience thing shows up in that menu too, of course.

@Ingwe Yeah, I do that too, but this is a way to give me a shortcut to know if I need to study the info block carefully or, if it's a low-xp monster, just glance at spells and then have at it. Just a way to save time so I can spend more of my time worrying about bigger decisions. The monsters seem to be ordered by native depth, but I find that sometimes lower depth critters merit more attention, which is usually reflected by their XP.

@Pete The position is still right justified, so on my terminal it stands out nicely. It would be truncated / wholly omitted if the window was narrow enough that it would conflict with position. By the way, thanks for your helpful comments on my ladder character!
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