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Originally Posted by Estie View Post
Its not like I didnt get where the pukelman shape is coming from. Its more that I find moving stone statue unfitting unless empowered by "bad" arcane magic. And I dont think they defend anything in the books.
Here's what I was basing it on - it's not a perfect match, but it's not far off.
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i am now grinding for that one legendary dragon armor (i've already found a power dragon sm but it just won't cut it) and here's my thoughts on the druid.

1. it really makes things easier if every mob you fight is confused

2. you will spend most of the game in fox form
sometimes you ID items you walk on, other times you don't. i suggest being able to see items, but not use them.
the command to come out of fox form (m+y) doesn't work if you are blinded or confused, but Quaff does. (q-> do you want to change form->y)

3. the endgame spells are .. ok, but nothing to write home about.
the ice storm LOS spell is cool to clear vaults and pits and annoying townsfolk. you can kill big stuff with meteor swarm and rift if you want, but you could instead just shapeshift and hit them with your axe.

i'm not sure what pukelman and bear shape are supposed to do, when fox form gives you +5 spd and +1 blows.

4. rivitalize is fantastic, and herbal heal is fine as it is, considering how little you pay for restore.

probing, polymorph, mass sleep and mass confuse are useless, but earthquake is the closest thing to a "block corridor" spell and i escaped a bunch of angry mobs because of it.

because you only use utility spells, except fox form, sense surroundings, and the heal + restore spells, you don't really need mana. i completely ignored WIS in favour of bonk-on-the-head stats and just melee'd everything. plays just like a paladin, with added plasma breath.
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