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Angband is an extraordinarily hard game if you do not know what you're doing.

During this long thread, you've been given tips by some of the best players that play the game. You did take the advice and went pretty deep.

However, the great thing in roguelike games are learning the things yourself. I would never detest on asking every situation happening in your game here in the forum. If you can make it this far, you can sure as hell make it to the end.
You have learned the game mechanics this far.

Just: 1a) do not fight monsters you do not know what they do and 1b) that destroy your items. 2) use every detection wand/spell/ability you have as often as it is humanly possible. 3) whenever you find a new weapon, check if it does kill monsters faster without compromising on some resistances. 4) go search for anti-summoning corridor strategy. It is exceptionally strong strat against any monster that uses summons and pretty much as strong against anything you want to take one on one. All you need is a wand of stone-to-mud.

And the bottom line: Rage Against the Machine - Know Your Enemy!!!
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Pete Mack
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Oh and one last thing. The only way to learn to dive (killing fewer monsters) is to practice diving. You will lose plenty of characters. But you will learn fast because the games don't take long. And recall the advice I gave way back when: keep a save file at dl 40 and use that as your starting character. You will learn a whole lot faster how to avoid dangerous situations, and to save valuable gear like healing potions and rods of teleport other. And no: it is not the same as save scumming in any meaningful way.
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