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Removed features I'd love to get back

I want to preclude this post, by admitting, that I have some ulterior motives for this request, mainly having MAngband and Angband be somewhat aligned, allowing players to retain their knowledge across those games.

1. Loading options from .prf files.

It's weird, that I can no longer setup default options without reloading a savefile from another character. And I can't edit the savefile itself, because it's in binary format.

+ that is the only way to set options in MAngband, because player savefiles are kept on the server, and there's no way to generate a character by loading some other character's savefile

2. Macro system.

I know it was a large piece of code nobody understood completely, and it had a potential to screw up players (as each key could be accidentally re-mapped to something nonsensical), but to me it was an important, and very convenient tool.

I'm used to have all the spells and missile-shooting actions being macroed to 1 simple keystroke, and typing in the whole command is a chore!

+ it was nice to tell Players "we use the same macro system as V, so if you understand that, you already know what to do" + the ability to just copy the .prf file from Angband to MAngband (or vice versa) and have everything working as expected

* * *

If this is some principal thing, I'll hold my peace, but if this is some kind of oversight, and there's just not enough dev.time to restore those, I'd gladly provide pull requests. Just want to know what's the stance on those, before I dive into code.
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