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ee~ i dont know wat the alter was about, i dont remember tryin to open anything or watever, i have started new high elf warrior, will to play soon~ i start with 20 hp this time~?!?~! i usually start 19 hp same stat hoo~
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Originally Posted by Dean Anderson View Post
The "You spin around." indicates that he or she used the "alter" command (the one that opens/closes doors, attacks monster, disarms traps or tunnels depending on the contents of the grid) on a grid that has no contents.
I "spun around" three times in a row immediately after killing Morgoth for the first time. It nearly cost me my life. I was mortified. I was trying to adjust the screen brightness of my laptop. I'm not sure what incorrect key press I a-tap-tap-tapped, but it seems funny now. Woo-hoo, woo-hoo- woo-hoo!!!
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