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wiki directions to compile angband on debian are incomplete


Not sure about the etiquette on this forum, so I do apologize if I made a mistake.

I found what I think is a omission in the wiki directions to compile angband on a linux machine
The site said that I should post something here in case of a bug, so here I am after an exhaustive research (hopefully) that did NOT show the problem, nor the solution.

Please note that I am not a good software writer. I do manage to understand somewhat a .c program and how to compile it.
I used to be, in about 1980, a hardware engineer installing VAX/VMS. My oldest OS version was VMS 1.6 on a very fast (at the time) VAX-780. One of my favorite while testing the hardware under VMS, was to run Moria... what an addictive game...

Ok, lets get back to why I am here:
If you follow the instructions in the wiki and copy/paste the needed packages for a debian based distribution, you will miss ncursesw.
In short you also need to install libncursesw and libncursesw-dev

NO I did not test any other OS...

Yes I installed those packages to solve the problem.

Yes I reproduced the problem on a very clean Xubuntu version that had gcc and make installed, but absolutely no development library installed, and in particular not any curses packages at all.

I GUESS that the issue was introduced with the adding of support for UTF8... In fact I got some hint about my problem from the note in

So I would request that someone edit the wiki compile page to add those missing ncursesw libraries. I could not find how to edit that wiki...

Thanks to take care.

Louis Richard
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