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on shops - a newbies perspective

recently with my last characters i found myself consistently town-scumming in order to get the shops to spawn the right potions of restore stat, and occasionally scrolls of enchant weapon, in order to enchant my longbow, which more often than not i also havo to scum for in order to buy after i recall for the first time.

Now, i understand the significance of the relatively random generation of the stock of shops, but i think that for some of the more important consumables a fixed spot (like in the general store) would enhance the fun without having a significant impact on gameplay; maybe increasing price to balance the fact that you are sure to find what you need.

In the initial phases of the game, when you are (i presume) more likely to need this kind of stuff, gold is still an issue, so i don't see many chances for abuse.

Any thoughts?

As a caveat i must say that i am pretty new to the game, and never got lower than dlvl 45 or clvl 32 - so i'm probably missing the big picture
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