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Wow, okay this is pretty frustrating. I decided to take on a very dangerous situation with a shambling mound, mirkwood spiders, a gelatinous cube and some ogres and black orcs since I had a rapier of slay animal. Something stunned me and my damage output went to less than half (??) even though I was Berserk. Did this get changed? I recall it having less of a deleterious effect on my damage output. But more frustrating is I've been hauling around a maul since DL3 (I'm on DL18) and it wouldn't ID on anything I had hit. Then I realized, I haven't hit any dragons! So I phased away from the bedlam and landed right next to an awake baby blue dragon and equipped the maul and bashed away at the dragon. I check the weapon.... It still has (??) on it. I'm like, what the hell? It's a maul that does nothing, but then I noticed a second damage on it: 67 to monsters not resistant to lightning. So I had to hit something resistant to lightning to find out it slays things not resistant to lightning? Oy vey! I could have been using this thing since DL3........... Instead I've been lugging around 3 different weapons for different situations, and stopped using the maul when it didn't ID on animals, ogres, orcs, demons, evil creatures, giants. At least it was fun getting my armor destroyed and nearly dying.

Sometimes when I'm frustrated I just hit the damn thing till it dies, but the gelatinous cube resists lightning. /facepalm.

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