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Another beta with lots of juicy additions, which means:
a) I need feedback
b) there may be bugs

Grab it from GitHub or Bitbucket ... or wait for ModDB.


* bug fix - all skills triggering the spell failure checks
* bug fix - specific items had a typo in their on_wear
* bug fix - look around key throwing a lua error
* bug fix - locked out of inventory sometimes
* bug fix - plate armor being worn causing an error in the moddable tiles resolver
* bug fix - poison code not checking for immunity

* random worldmap
* humanoids now use A* pathing
* add ranged AI code inspired by DataQueen
* new monsters: babau, dretch, quasit
* new items: throwing axe, throwing knives; mushrooms, rods; enabled tattoos; mithril coins, emeralds, sapphires;
* new egos: dwarven, elven; of the Winterland, of the Druid, of the Hin; of brightness
* reduced the CR cap for dungeon level 1 to player level +1 and to player level +2 for dlvl 2-5
* tiles/ASCII switch finally works!
* split off thrown weapons into a separate file
* add a hint when a cursed item is auto-destroyed
* prevent clicking on learned feats in feat selection screens
* character creation screen improvements - highlight Cleric/Ranger/Paladin as newbie friendly; darkened Luck as it's not implemented yet; color-code high & low stats; highlight bad choices (spellcasting classes who wouldn't be able to cast spells) in dark red
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