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Another harrowing escape. This time I really pushed my luck to the max. Definitely one of the more narrow escapes, not so much because my HP got dangerously low (though it did), but because I ran out of !heals with a bunch of OoD monsters pursuing me, without any decent means to dispatch of them (and no teleportations of any kind). Yet, I somehow beat the incredibly diminishing odds (if my odds were low at the outset, they were extremely low by the end).

This time I was trying to grab some armor. I had used up all my healing potions and ?phase doors were getting low before I had finished my quest and it was looking very much like it was time to give up as my problems were triple compounded:

1. out of !heals
2. a Wolf chieftain keeps blinding me
3. a bunch of his werewolves keep picking up the loot! Yet, somehow, with a little luck, a little cunning and a lot of cajones, my little hobbit ranger beat some damning odds.

While the entire video has interesting elements (it opens with me annihilating Brodda with a wand of same namesake picked up off the floor of DL4 [2-8 feeling]), the level with the vault starts at 17:46 with a Shade or some such harassing me.

Unfortunately there is very limited in-video commentary as I was at work while I made this video, though there would have been a lot to say. There's a couple times near the end where I pause for a couple minutes trying to see if there is some way that I might still pull it off, or if my luck, along with the last of my !heals, had finally run out.

The video progresses very nicely and gets more interesting as it goes along. If it's too long, you can watch it at 2X speed; it plays very nicely at that speed. I recommend starting it at 17:46 at 2X speed.

By the way, do people prefer written expose of @ adventures, or videos, or both?
Detailed account of my Ironman win here.
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