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Pete Mack
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So *there's * a good drop, *finally*

You killed Mughash, the Kobold Lord
In the floor: an adamantine amulet <+2,+1,+3> {??}
It might have hidden powers
It provides +2 to dexterity 
It provides +1 to stealth
It provides +2 to speed
It provides +3 to searching
Yes, this happened at DL 39, but for my poor mage, it is by far the best drop yet. Even the gloves of free action and the armor of resist acid* I have are from the store.
No other egos of note. No dungeon books.

*really. And that amulet will be a swap with lighting, for the moment.
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What do you expect ? Youre playing the randart hardmode. I guess youre used to standart abundance

Edit: OK, i dint realize it was "trickery. You should play with randarts though.
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spoiler: you also get rPois and rNexus with it.
"i can take this dracolich"
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