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Overkill ***WINNER***

Killed Morgoth for the first time!

It's the hobbit rogue I've mentioned a couple times before -- the one who you folks said should have descended straight to Morgoth 150,000 turns earlier.

The last time I posted I was asking advice about the Tarrasque and then found it to be less threatening than I thought. Soon afterwards I cleaned up the remaining non-endgame uniques with the help of Quylthulg's summoning. I got a few more things before taking on Sauron, then found I shouldn't have waited- Aule took him down pretty rapidly.

By the time I decided to finally go ahead and face Morgoth I had a MoD (Holy Avenger), another of +2 attacks, and Aule, Wrath, and Pain. No Deathwreaker though. Excepting weak artifacts with a shallow max depth, I'd found all but 9 of the non-meleeweapon artifacts (didn't find Bladeturner, Luthien, Gondor, Feanor, the One, or a couple others). Too bad about not having three ring fingers to wear those rings of power! In addition to all the artifact bows except Amras, I'd seen a Lothlorien bow that was better than Bard and a +2 shots, +2 power Buckland sling. I had ~60 !Life, 80 !*Heal*, and full stacks of Rune of Protection, Banish, and Mass Banish.

I'd never seen very good ammo despite trawling L98 and L99 repeatedly, and then suddenly I found something like a half dozen stacks of Holy Might ammo in a single vault. Soon after, I found Dwarven PDSM in a graveyard. That may have been worth more than Bladeturner. That was when I decided it was finally time to descend to L100.

I didn't end up doing any archery - just pounded away at Morgoth while standing on a glyph of warding, mass banishing the crowds from time to time. Used one !Life and half a dozen !*Heal*.

I had played Angband a little bit ~18 years ago and never got beyond the beginning of stat gain. I decided last fall to give it another shot and try to experience more of the game. Mission accomplished there. I think this was a good version to be playing- some changes in recent years made the game more playable, while some of the changes on the horizon seem likely to make it enough of a different game that I'd have felt the disconnect from before more keenly.

I probably won't play again for a while. But I'll post a few more parting thoughts before I wander off into the wasteland.
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Nice work.
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