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Low Turncount Speedrun-- 2,374

I wanted to share this run with everyone, since it took a lot of work to achieve. I've been attempting low turncount speedruns of Sil for some months now, and it took hundreds and hundreds of runs to get this.
It's a lot of fun to play the game this way. You are always on edge. The runs are much shorter than usual, especially because most of them die in the early game. There is quite a lot of rng involved, mostly around where stairs generate, whether monsters see you, whether you get a Staff of Slumber, and whether or not you can find some potions and staves to get out of tricky situations. I play these runs in a very risky way, mostly just assuming that nothing will see me, and then running away when they do.
My 2,374 turns could definitely be beaten—I don’t think I was completely optimal in my movement, and the stair generation could always be better.
I'd be happy to outline the strategy for these runs if anyone is interested. The one caveat is that it is played in the beta branch of course, I will have to try again on the next full release.
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