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[Frog] Playing Crusade/Trump Priest - I don't get Trump

I don't know how to do dump form, so I'll keep this general. Playing Dwarf - Combat - Priest - Crusade - Trump. Currently CL 27.

I don't really see much value in the Trump side of things and I wonder what I'm missing. Maybe the issue is that I've never gotten much use out of summoning, and that seems to be the main value in Trump. I finally got Phantasmal Servant online, so when tackling Clear the Tunnels I had a couple of servants by my side, but it just didn't feel like they are that useful. Before that I just had Trump Spiders & Kamikaze, but I feel like I'd far rather use those SP on Star Dust or Holy Orb.

Other than that, Trump Spying is nice until you get Thranduil. Phase door/Teleport are nice but not crucial when Crusade has Portal. Basically Trump feels underwhelming, and I'm trying to picture how it will help me get past mid-game.

Right now I'm killing things with melee and the Crusade offensive spells.

Overall Crusade/Trump combo could really use more utility - sucks that no illumination, food creation, detection, mapping, haste, healing, etc. Puts lots of pressure on inventory. Sorcery feels like it would have been a lot more useful.

Also curious if any suggestions on other Priest combos to try.
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