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Post FAAngband Modification

After the modification of Opinion Angband,I decide to do something to its variant,First Age Angband.
The purpose of this modification is to make the game appears funnier and a bit easier.
To evade ponyteekao attacks,some words in this post are intensionally misspelled.Wish you don't mind.
It is based on First Age Angband 1.1.6 WinCE version.For other platforms just use the */LIB/ folder.
If you play on WinCE please switch to Graphics Mode,because the characters "#" and "." cannot be displayed.(It happened to the original version as well)
Added Shields/Spears* of Kammeowism/Karpitallism(4 in total) against Qailise Gavenmengte's "Pewleeticks-Kam-Pherste" attitude.
Added staves "Facebook","Twitter" and "YouTube".In fact they are just staves of perception,mapping and probing,and the only difference is they worth a lot if sold.Just like lottery.
Downgraded "Rod of Portals"(renamed to "Rod of Layburtea") to a normal item.It's not very deep,but the fuse time is extremely long.
If the same race prices are 85%.
For maias,all adjustments are 100%.
Bad News:The f***in' shield which turn players into still there.
Replaced staff and wands flavor with brand names.
Wish you don't mind...
Changed Set Item limit to 10.
Masked some sensitive words such as "H***" and "s***".
To make the game a bit easier,former players can perform "trick-or-treat"-just like TDA(In some ways they are really deseprate adventurers).You can accept and gain no EXP or good items,or reject to kill them.
Changed many Monsters' name and description.
Added town monsters"Kourarpteid Aufeyshall"(Red p) and "The Larpdawge"(Red C) to express disagreement about Qailice Gavenmengte kourarpshinn.(intensionally misspelled for safety)
Added "Wizard of Yendor" in memory of NetHack.He is an unique in Dlvl:127,and the symbol remains the same-Violet @.He CAN be permanently killed.(In NetHack,I call him "repllog.exe" because this process hogged up the RAM and if killed it will restart.)
Added three PLA "Symbols" in the town(Red t).They cannot be killed,but they don't attack.
In memory of Final Fantasy(and to make winning a bit harder),the four "fiends"(Yellow,red,blue and green U) are added as quest monster of Dlvl:95-98,that means you must kill The Lich to enter Dlvl:96,and so on.Garland(or Chaos) is not involved,of course.(It seems that the flag "QUESTOR" don't remove the stairs down and players can bypass them.Hard coded maybe?)
...and a little more.See Monster Memory in cheat mode.
Masked some sensitive words.
Changed many objects' name and description (some are from POWDER,a very poorly designed RL game).
Changed "Wands of Wonder" to "Wands of Something"(Inspired by "Dudley's Dungeon" comics.)
Changed "*something*" to "something (Pro)" to express disagreement about some software makers.
Spellbooks are easier to find,but the price is reduced too.High level spellbooks can be thown to inflict some damage-to make some use of foreign spellbooks.
Potions of Ruination and Death(renamed to Insta'Kill) are now valuable because you can throw them to inflict great damage.
Changed Necro' Spellbook names to beuyoukratickle magazine names which I hate the most.
Edited some attrib' parameters.
No modification.I think no character is John DeMenchev(The time traveller in the game "Arvale")
Maia can resist light and darkness,see invisible and cannot be priests or paladins(they THEMSELVES are gods) and have a -7 penalty to CHR(isolated from earth) and -3 to DEX(look at their weight...) to balance the benefits.
Druadans and High-Elves can only select WRR/MGE/PST/DUD/NCR.
Changed starting levels for all races.Ranged from Lvl1(Maia) to Lvl35(High-Elf).
Added two sets named after the two opponents in The Kould Wore*.
Changed owner names.
Make various parameters not end in "0".For an "accurate" feeling.
The purse of Black Market owners are maximized:32767 zorkmids(or credits,gil,spacebucks,whatever.).
No modification.
Replaced more vaults.From Tilelander.
Replaced the splash screen with excuses.
Replaced the gravestone in the "#57005" screen with something else.
No modification,but it seems to be some alternatives to the gravestone.
Changed the map in section 5.
Moved changelog(section 1) and spoilers(section 3) to the help system.
Of course,the surprise is there too(NO b******* this time!).
Changed some colours.
Post over Reader One
*Problem:After getting the thrusting spear of Kammeowism/Karpitallism (using debug commands) then identifying them,the game will force-exit.
Solution:If encountered,delete Artifact #132 and #133,and replace SET_ITEM.TXT and LIMITS.TXT with original ones.
This page is NOT created using Micro$oft FartPage.

Last edited by ThePathfinder; January 16, 2015 at 12:19. Reason: Shield Problem...(Thanks Marx...They didn't notice...)
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fa mod crap

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