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Ingwe Ingweron
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My best turncount ever! Had some very good luck.

My best turncount ever! Had some very good luck. And with a Paladin, no less. Usually, I find Paladins tedious to play, but this was a great run!

Tarwe, the Dwarf Paladin.

Found Dethanc dagger on DL 1 with the first trip down the stairs. Armed with a 'Thanc dagger, Tarwe was plunging for stat gain depth when Golfimbul dropped Sting along the way at DL 24. Wow!

Tarwe was CL 24 by the time he reached stat gain depth. He slowed down and cleared carefully from about DL 31 through DL 48, looking for stat gain potions and also found and wielded Thror, Thranduil, Amrod, and Thorin.

Tarwe reached CL 35 and amassed enough ?Deep Descent by the time he reached DL 48 that he could plunge all the way to the bottom. Although stats weren't fully maxed, they were good enough, so Tarwe used ?Deep Descent to descend by 5's and 10's heading toward DL 98. Found Belthronding, Thalkettoth and the Beaked Axe of Hurin (which he swapped back and forth with Sting when advantageous).

Until reaching DL 98, he never found a rod of detection. Lucky he had the spell! Scumming on DL 98, Tarwe had a *VERY* close call. He took on and killed Ar-Pharazon, but while searching the corpse for any good items to loot a Dracolisk rounded the corner. Tarwe attempted to teleport the interloper away, but failed! Draco immediately breathed nexus straight into one of Tarwe's open resistance holes. Instantly, Tarwe had only 1 h.p.! The secondary effect of that Nexus breath was to teleport Tarwe across the dungeon, smack into a room with the Balrog of Moria! Fortunately, the Balrog was asleep. Tarwe slipped around a corner, cast Heal several times, then lured the Balrog out to its demise.

Next, Tarwe took on Maeglin and managed to kill him. Maeglin didn't even summon anything! That was a first. Cantoras followed and the Skeletal Lord dropped a great Holy Might Scythe of Slicing. Farewell Sting. You did me proud! Also managed to find Narya and first Chaos then Law Dragon Scale Mail.

At CL 45, it was time to take on Sauron, but the Sorcerer refused to stand and fight. Pathing was miserable, so a quick trip back to town and then recalled to get a better terrain for battle. Fussed around killing other uniques before tracking Sauron down again, this time at CL 47.

Killed a few other uniques and donned Isildur and the Glaive of Pain for the final battle with Morgoth. Tarwe never found an amulet of trickery, so his Dexterity was exposed, but he did have an amulet of Devotion to protect his Wisdom. In short order, Morgoth was dead!
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Nice work, sir. Nice work!
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well done!

my dwarven priest died on dlevel 40 again.

it's so easy to get tempted to clear the vaults, even if you have only 300 hp

Controlling your greed.. that's what angband is about
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