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Timo Pietilš
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There was a poll posted in about which roguelikes you play. Currently we are even with nethack.
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Though I'm not complaining because it helps angband on the poll, but it seem unfair for all the variants but tome to be included as one slot, though obviously including all the other variants as their own options would be ridiculous, but would atleast make for a more accurate poll. Just, it won't be surprising if angband and friends wins in the end, that won't mean much. Maybe it'd have been better to put angband variants besides tome as an option seperate from vanilla, then it'd have been interesting if the mass of variants lost.
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I can't vote in that. I just found angband after being a long time nethack player. I absolutely love that game. It has been my all time favorite game for awhile now but angband has already jumped to second place and could take the crown. For now though it's to close to call.
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