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Timo Pietilš
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Item tune down/up

I thought a bit about what to do about items in the game and here are few thoughts:

Off-weapon combat bonuses are now too high.

Small speed bonuses are now a bit too powerful. It is possible to survive very deep without more than +10 speed as long as you have reliable source to haste.

Elessar, Haradrim, Hammerhand combat bonuses are too high, they needed to be lowered or removed completely.

Problem with Elessar is that it is now no-brainer, but without combat bonuses it becomes inferior to Trickery. So Trickery needs to be weakened as well. Maybe if we remove SPEED from both both amulets keep the usefulness, but are not no-brainers compared to other amulets.

Haradrim has aggravation, but it still gives too high combat bonuses. Either remove the extra blow or the to_hit and to_dam bonuses.

Hammerhand is just no-brainer for endgame, but because of aggravation it isn't very useful elsewhere. I prefer it to be useful elsewhere, so remove both aggravation and combat bonuses.

Speed DSM are just overpowered. They are only item that fits in bodyarmor slot besides Thalkettoth that give speed-bonus. That measly +3 speed is enough for Thalkettoth to make it superior to something like Rohirrim and Arvedui if you just have basic four and conf or nexus elsewhere. Higher DSM with more than +3 is then a no-brainer.

Ego DSM in general are too powerful. We need something else than that to make DSM attractive. Maybe just make DSM activation much faster to recharge and a bit more powerful. GoldDSM with sound activation that stuns opponents and can be used more than once / large battle would be attractive. Maybe scale the breath damage and recharge speed with char level.

Thorin is no-brainer. That's not really problem with Thorin, but problem with general lack of CON in the game. It needs competition. Something with combat bonuses and attractive resists other than what Thorin gives. Maybe we need Dwarven shields as well as Elvenkind shields. STR and CON bonuses up to +3, nexus?, disenchantment? Random high resist?.

There is also junk-artifact Himring which I have never used. I don't know who would unless you find it very very early and do need poison resist and have basic four from some practical source. Either this needs to be removed or improved.

I think weapon blows change has gone from "prefer heavy weapons" to prefer MoD over everything else. Every class can get max blows with MoD which makes high-ego MoD more powerful than things like Aule, which used to be one of the top five weapons in the game. Then if you find MoD with two extra blows you have weapon that beats just about everything.

Fury weapons are too powerful. Period.

Bard with slay dragon is real no-brainer to rangers. It was it before the change and after that there is nothing that comes even close. It can lose slay dragon and still keep its superiority over other missile-weapons for rangers.

Umbar needs to lose at least one point from PVAL. +3 gives it ability to shoot to max visible range. There used to be limit for spell range two grid short of LoS range to prevent instant death-potential of running to long corridor and as soon as monster appears in LoS it can react and you don't get a turn before that. This was changed to prevent weapons like Umbar auto-targeting not being able to target things outside of this limit (manual targeting did still work). I think there was someone that got killed by time hounds just recently because of that change. By removing reason to this change we can revert it.
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