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Uniques which give slightly better items than the ones you have

I've long suspected that the code has step upgrades programmed in for the rewards of certain uniques ie you defeat Mughash - you had a shield[2, +2], here's a shield [5, +7]

With my latest hobbit nec (they die so fast), I had found a set of gloves of agility [1,+3] <+5> at 50 ft on a (1-6) level - which is a great find - for a melee @

But it was better than wearing no gloves at all so I was wearing them a few 100 feet later when I took down Mughash who left me Gauntlets of Power (+3,+3) [3,+1] <+4>

This is definitely marginally better because strength is more useful than Dex for an early hobbit nec, but it is again a marginal upgrade

So I ask you, is they anything to unique loot marginal upgrade theory?
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Nope. The item generation cares not a whit what you have. (Except for artifact uniqueness.)

Those are just the things you remember, because it’s mildly disappointing.

And probably dungeon-level-based item type selection makes it more likely at low levels, because the range of likely item types is smaller.
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