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Originally Posted by geoff_tewierik View Post
Nick, did the disconnected map I posted about earlier check out?
Thanks for the reminder. It is indeed disconnected (it's a "moria" level, new in 4.1), and I've filed that as a bug.
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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
Thanks for the reminder. It is indeed disconnected (it's a "moria" level, new in 4.1), and I've filed that as a bug.
Related methinks: a section that I can't move out of without teleport/portal. Were this a fighter sans magic, we'd be starving to death.

PS: doing forced decent, with recall; had portal/phase/recall as ways home. Section was next to another, but no connection.
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Choosing "force descent" option still generates useless up staircases.
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100% searching does not appear to be 100% effective. I had a character run into a trap. This might be a problem with running, rather than searching.

If Word of Recall triggers while @ is running, @ sometimes automatically takes an extra step after being teleported to town. In my case, right into lava.

Playing the new rogue, when reaching level 5 (first spell), @ appears to have no SP and not able to cast spells until either levelling up again or taking a stairs up/down. There's also some problem with trying to wear very heavy armour: I had SP removed when trying an Adamantite Plate Mail with a low level character, and it was not given back when the armour was removed. (Unfortunately I didn't keep a save file.)

Staff of Teleportation description says "teleports you randomly 0 grids".
This may have already been reported (certainly some teleportation description were).

When an out-of-sight giant throws a boulder at @, the message is "you are hit by something sharp". I'd like to object to both "sharp" (boulder?) and to "something". For that matter, when @ is shot by an arrow, "something" is weird - can @ really not tell that they have this massive arrow sticking out?

(These are all from playing the class/magic feature branch.)
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The temporary fix for the SP bug is to close the game and relaunch it.

The "something" in the description is actually "someone". Or something, in case of non-person monsters.
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