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Sil-Q: LOVE this game, but I'm clearly missing something... what is it?

Cannot get enough of this game, I've put countless hours into it, and I keep coming back to it no matter how frustrated I get... but I have only ever gotten to the throne room once (died pretty quickly) and I just don't seem to know how to put a winning character together. What am I missing?

I have played around with a few different builds, but the only one that ever gets down below 800ft is a melee bruiser. The attached character dump is my most recent ill-fated elf.

I don't necessarily stand by every decision I made in this build, but it's a pretty typical example.
-I try to max melee and evasion, only invest in skills that give me a good payoff or solve an immediate problem.
-Protection is amazing early on, but eventually it stops making you invincible. What then? How do you continue to survive below 700ft? Run away more? Grind for resists?
-Seems like I have a similar problem with damage output. Even when I build a boring corridor figher, it seems like I run out of ways to increase my damage enough to keep up with the stronger and stronger monsters.

My one specific question would be - can I expect to be successful just freestyling a character's build in response to what I encounter and what equipment I find? Or is it truly necessary to go for a specific predetermined build, with very little room for spending XP outside of that build?

Again, love love love this game! Thank you to all the devs and the community.
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