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Originally Posted by cofresi View Post
Create Doors is one of the key spells in my arsenal. I've used it to full effect since getting Mordekainen's Escapes (it's all in the name . It's the cheap/quick way to break LOS when confronted with breathers/summoners and can even be used to build a walled corridor to navigate around trick hallways (Q in an adjacent corridor). When resting I often build doors, cast rune and then rest: this can buy me an extra round if interrupted (note, Saruman rudely awakened my slumber once. Without the doors it would have been ugly).
nice idea, I like!


The spell would be truly great if there were a way to lock the doors (a Wizard Lock spell) that locks adjacent doors. or if the doors were locked to all others but the mage. I once considered carrying spikes for this purpose but being a gnome this was moot. Other variants have a spell called 'wall of fog' which i think serves the same purpose of breaking los. plus there would not be the disadvantage of foes opening adjacent doors just to summon.
Love the wall of fog option. I also agree that the doors should begin heavily jammed (the early and cheap destroy doors spell would be an obvious way for the mage to deal with this - or flag them as unjammed for the mage only, if possible)
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