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OS X: Wizard/Fiddle

g'day all.

i've been playing vanilla angband 3.0.6 on an intel mac via fink for a couple of months and have been enjoying it (i used to play wizardry as a teenager about 20 years ago!)...a couple of times now i've invoked wizard mode to resurrect a dead character after building up to a high-ish level half elf mage. ok, rusurrection is a cop out and i did it reluctantly but after 50 or so dead characters, my spare time is kind of running out and still haven't gotten beyond dungeon level 25...

anyway, i just switched to a 3.0.9 native OS X build after coming across the dmg on and imported the 3.0.6 savefile. played 3.0.9 for a while and then foolishly fled a pack of hounds on level 25 while not paying much attention and ended up dead again. perhaps a just end for a lapse of concentration but i really would like to continue from where i left off (limited spare time, as i've said) yet i find that i can't toggle into wizard mode on 3.0.9 using the gui. i select wizard from the menu pulldown but it doesn't seem to change into it. is this a bug or a feature ;-) i found the 3.0.9 binary in the applications folder but invoking it directly in a bash shell and passing command line switch -w doesn't work either. i don't know how to revert to 3.0.6 either; loading the 3.0.9 savefile causes 3.0.6 to complain and exit with an error msg.

any helpful comments on getting wizard mode going would be appreciated.
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